Hotel Edelweiss Pheriche

The Edelweiss, nestled in the heart of Pheriche, Surrounded by snowy white peaks,is an intimate, full service hotel "with a restaurant offering various combinations of unique service and amenities".

Situated within the Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park in Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hotel offers a 360 degree view of the awe inspiring peaks. With stunning views of majestic himalayas view from every room, visitors can immerse in this mesmerizing scene in luxury.

Established in 2015, Edelweiss offers hospitality of an earlier time in the heart of a Khumbu original, Pheriche. Every detail at Edelweiss reflects the sherpa heritage and hospitality offering our guests a genuine Sherpa experience.

The roots of Pheriche are in mountaineering and that's the flavor that embraces you as you step across the threshold to an era gone by in the Edelweiss.

The interior is traditional and simple yet stylish and elegant. Edelweiss’s delicious food and the welcoming and gracious staff creates a true ‘Himalayan comfort’ experience.

There is no better place to experience the rich natural glory of Everest in the Himalayan bosom like staying at the Edelweiss at an altitude of 14340ft.